How To Detect The Location of Your Website’s Visitors to redirecting to a different page or scene?

Can anyone help me with that?

I have two domains for my website (.COM for American visitors and .CL for Chileans)

If Chilean visitor access to .COM domain I wanna redirect to and scene for asking if he wants to stay in English site or change to Spanish version and vice versa

It's possible to do that? (I need this only on the first scene of my web)

This template might help you...

It detects the browser language, then elements are modified accordingly. In your case, you could simply load a different scene.

There are other more specific ways to do this, but that's a simple way to do it with Hype.

Here's another related template...

It detects the domain name of the project. Then, depending upon the domain name, a specific scene is loaded.


Thanks! I'm going to try them today