How to Deploy Hype on an Enterprise Network

(Gilbert Palau) #1

We have several Licenses that were bought for several users in our organization and we are trying to deploy Hype via FileWave by injecting the serial number into the app but I don’t see how I can do that. Can someone call me or we can discuss to see how this can be done?


Hi Gilbert:

We received your email and will send instructions there shortly. Thanks!

(Gilbert Palau) #5

thanks! sorry if I posted it in the wrong place.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #7

Just to let anyone else know - we do have a method of installing a license file which can be part of a distributed image. If you’ve purchased a multi-user license and would like easier deployment, please contact us at <contact at tumult dot com> and we’d be happy to set you up!

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #8

So the company wants to buy a few licenses (starting with 2). We are an +550 employe company. It could be more in the near future. But not sure for now. I have experimented with Hype the last year and made a bunch or templates for others to start making UAP, PAP Banners and of Digital-OOH’s mp4’s.
Who of the TT’s wants to send me an E-Mail on where my IT needs to come knocking?

Nice trick you did there Jonathan. :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #9

We’re always happy to help with any purchases and deployment - please feel free to email and we can set you up!