How to create text styles?

This is what i want to do:

  • style a block of text (font family, font size, line height, etc)
  • assign a style to that block of text
  • then in another scene apply that style to another block of text
  • then if I modify the style in one block, the style will be modified in the other.

Can this be done in Hype Pro 3?

Kip Shaw

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I figured it out.

  • Create an external style sheet
  • Drag it into the Resources, and check "Include in document
  • In the document inspector, uncheck “Protect from external styles”
  • Create a text block and paste into the internal html your marked up styled text
  • If you need to modify any styles, do so in the external style sheet; Hype will alert you that the styles have been modified and ask if you want to update the styles; click “update”

A video walkthrough would’ve helped.

I was just contemplating whether or not styles is something Hype user base would benefit Talking Character and Paragraph Styles. If you ask me I sure as heck would. Dreameaver, Photoshop, and almost every other page layout program has this feature.

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