How to create text scroll effect

Hi, I am looking at trying re-create this effect in Hype - is this possible? and if so, whats the best way to go about doing it?

thanks in advance.

That is really nice.

To me it looks like they are syncing the sound with data attributes in the <p><span> tags of the html.
<span data-begin="143.385987" data-end="146.990219" data-index="39" class="is-read">And only 30% goes to raw materials and production.</span>

These also have a click action that takes the sound back or to the correct section also using the data attributes.

I would say this very is possible with coding ,

Possibly without coding you could get a facsimilie ??.

but both ways will take some work and more than a few moving parts…


I would agree that this would be easily done in hype without coding. Perhaps a timeline per each highlighted section with an audio clip appended. At the end of each timeline add a “goto timeline” action and have it go to the next. You can also put the sound on the main and the highlights timed below it all on one timeline if it feels easier. The advantage of doing it this way is you could have it rewind or forward to key points and easily manage adding effects and pictures to the scene.