How to create animation of dropping letter from Z axis

I mean something that falls down from heaven but not from top of the canvas but rather “from the user to canvas”. Couldn’t find any attribute to to this in documentation

DHype doesn’t (currently) have true Z-Positioning. But you can fake it through animating letters along a vertical axis and then rotating them towards the view screen. Then you group them and rotate the axis again on the group. I am currently on the road but I’ll upload an example if you haven’t solved until then.

If you are familiar with CSS transitions or JS you can always also do it outside of Hype.

Great, I would love to see example, still having some problem with more comples animating :slight_smile:
I know CSS and JS but would rather integrate it into Hype

The initial idea I had isn’t working as the two transformations don’t share the same 3d context. So it’s back to CSS.

As preserve-3d isn’t working for me I just faked it with scale. Maybe that’s enough for you. (21,7 KB)

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Thank you, I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Hi Beyo & Welcome to the Forum!

Sorry for the late reply I’ve been away for a few weeks.

I have a different take on your question than @MaxZieb. I believe You are requesting a classic video effect “dropping text from behind”. Part of the effect - besides the scaling from large to small is to have the text fade in as it does the dropping in. In the attached demo just the letter “H” is animated.

Text from Behind (Z axis) (15.9 KB)

EDIT: I’ve now had the time to post a live version here. Of course You can set the animation parameters~effect to your needs.

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