How to create a full screen iPhone x layout

I need to make a multi-layout file for iOS devices, but I can only find iPhone 6 Plus in Hype 3’s built-in layout. This layout works fine on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but it can’t be full screen when it runs on iPhone X.

I tried to modify the width and height of the layout in multiple scales, but the page always only occupies a part of the middle of the screen, with a black screen on the top and bottom.

How can I design a full-screen layout under iPhone X? Thank you very much.

“0102” (394.1 KB)

You’ll probably want to look at the Flexible Layout system. By setting pins and resizing options on individual elements, you can control how they scale in response to different browser widths/heights.

(An easy was to get simple scaling with this is to put everything in a group, and then have that group turn on all pins/scale options, check “zoom contents” and scale with shrink to fit.)

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