How to create a Drawing pad for the web

how to create a drawing pad for the web like this. Please i need your help friends.

Are you trying to create this?
If so try…


without Canvas

Thank you so much @nick . But i dont understand how to combine this to hype can you help me to create a hype project using this method.

try this template by @h_classen

@michelangelo Thank you for replying me. I tried this but its not working in google chrome when we use PC. It works perfectly if we use apple devices.

hm, works for me with Version 53.0.2785.101 m (64-bit) (which is the latest) on win7 at least …

@h_classen Thank you so much for replying me. i will try again. Do you know about Kotobee? You can put wdgt files inside the Kotobee its like iBooks Author. But can export to windows, android, ios , Mac apps as well. I tried your drawing pad exported as wdgt file. But it wont draw.

@h_classen Yes i figure it out how to do. It was bit tricky. First i exported your project to html files using export to folder feature. Then i Exported as a widget. Then i copied the info.plist and index.html files from the folder to wdgt folder. Then it works perfectly in Android device as well. hahahaha.