How to create a drawing pad for android and iOS


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Hey guys. How are you doing. well em new to Hype. its so amazing. well. there’s a software called kotobee from that software you can put hype widgets like ibooks author and you can export it to many platforms like android windows ios as well. i need to create a drawing pad using hype. can you guys help me with that.

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made by @h_classen

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Thank you soo much for replying me… i will try this one.

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Thank you, @michelangelo this one is perfect. i did some editings. jquery and react scripts put them in the resource folder and gave that path. and exported as a widget and i put them in ibook author i worked well but for android i didnt work then i again exported it with the option export to folder. Then i replaced the index html and recources in the widget file with the folder exported index and recources files. Then it works perfect in android also

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nice work, well done.
however, you have to say thanks to @h_classen :slight_smile:

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Thank you soo much @h_classen , thank you too @michelangelo for help me out.