How to control an object with some buttons?

Hi! I’m trying to develop a simple menu, 9 buttons that when pressed, make an object to go to certain coordenates. In the little grid i have the 9 buttons, for example button 2 must move the big map on the background to coordinates left -597, top 156 How can I do this? Thanks!!!

Without an example it is a bit hard to figure out what you exactly want so I made a large guess and came up with this, 3 buttons moving a map over 3 relative timelines.

Does this help? (282.9 KB)

As @Rick4F has mentioned. It looks like what you need / can do is setup the amount of timelines you need to move the “big map on the background” to each different place and then tick the box where it says “relative” in the Scene inspector next to each timeline. Now, whenever you continue a timeline it will go to the same end point in the timeline but the position of the element will start from wherever it is in the scene.

My bad, i thought I uploaded the archive. Here it (127.2 KB)

Have you tried the approaches mentioned before you uploaded or are you looking for someone to do it for you?

I wasn’t able to open the archive Rick sent. I have now, and I thing that’s the solution I was looking for, thank you very much!!