How to code never-ending presentation? 🤔

I already built a presentantion on my website.
But how can I built never-ending switching by arrows?
My goal is to create something similar to this  :slight_smile:

I tried to create multiple scenes with arrows (buttons) as persistents symbols, but result was not good for me.

Every advice I’ll appreciate.

just simple - do it by using maintimeline and keyframe (721,2 KB)

@strmiska Thanks. And how to make the presentation controlable? This is what I was asking for :slight_smile:

create a persistant symbol for the navigation (724,0 KB)

Thanks. This is exactly how I tried before to do presentation.
Everything looks good, except one thing.
When I’m on the last scene, how can I switch to the first scene only with one click (never-ending-switching)?
I would say I need to add some javascript, but I searched the web and I found nothing :frowning:

give the button for nextscene the id ‘next’ and run

    var scenenames = hypeDocument.sceneNames(), 
    firstScenename = scenenames[0], 
    lastScenename = scenenames[scenenames.length -1], 
    transition = hypeDocument.kSceneTransitionCrossfade, 
    duration = 1;

    case "next" : 
    if(hypeDocument.currentSceneName() === lastScenename)
    hypeDocument.showSceneNamed(firstScenename, transition, duration);
    hypeDocument.showNextScene(transition, duration);
    }; break;
    default : 
    if(hypeDocument.currentSceneName() === firstScenename)
    hypeDocument.showSceneNamed(lastScenename, transition, duration);
    hypeDocument.showPreviousScene(transition, duration)
    }; break;

for both …

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@h_classen thanks! this is working great. (712,0 KB)

other possibility would be you start a symbolTimeline at sceneEnd, make a button visible on entering scene,
which points to first scene without using any javascript.

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You could also activate the option for the button “can restart timeline”.

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i made a script for a kiosk with controls and autoplay based off scenes instead of timelines if it helps you

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