How to change the z index on an element by clicking on a text box

In my example I have three textboxes (Title 1, Title 2, Title 3). I want it so that when I click on one of the Title boxes that it puts the corresponding rectangle to the front position (z index). So far if you click on one of them it responds like that at first but then it does not after you click on them again. It seems to just show the last one clicked.

Please go ahead and download the file and see if you understand what I am saying.

SO title one should have rectangle 1 showing up front. If i click title 2 then it should show rectangle two. The rectangles are on a time line to hide then appear after a Title box is (541.8 KB)

factchecker (532.6 KB)

you can do it the way you intended to solve this by just resetting other timelines ...


Whatever you did seemed to work, then I went to the original that I uploaded, not working. Can you tell me what you mean by resetting the other timelines, I am lost on this. Also what did you change from what I uploaded?

have a look at the behaviors of the buttons. :slight_smile:

to mention: there are also other ways to accomplish this ...

Thank you very much.