How to call a html element from other in Hype?


I am using a great plugin:

it support video light box/POPup.

With that plugin, I already added a test vide with Lightbox and a link to call Lightbox pop, it works well at

In the plugin, there is function:

You can also put in Your link title for a quick lightboxed video.

Is there anyway to call that video with lightbox in Hype please, if yes, what I should do?

Thanks so much.

Do you just want to pop open a video from within Hype or embed it in a Hype document?

If it is the embed case, my guess based on these types of frameworks is that their plugin scans the page for videos of their specific “colorbox” class at some time before the Hype runtime has created the DOM objects for its elements. Therefore it doesn’t find it and can’t attach its own action handlers and make modifications. Typically frameworks like these do give an API call for refreshing when dynamic content comes in.