How to animate an iOS style toggle button

Trying to animate a simple On/Off iOS style toggle button.
I have animated the On to Off state and feel like i’m missing something really simple to be able to animate it from Off to On on a second user tap.
I think i’ve managed every single outcome so far except the one i’m looking for.

I don’t want to use any JS, just want to know the easiest way to allow the user to tap the button once to animate On - Off, then a second time for Off - On.

I’m very new to the program and for the large part have found it really intuitive and straight forward but this is driving me up the wall (40.7 KB)

Hi Barry!

If you would publish an example of your Hype project on the Forum it will allow for a more accurate solution.

Thanks Jim,

Just uploaded one

Hi Barry!

I’m not seeing your upload. You can just drag your zipped Hype project into the Forum’s editing~reply panel.

Sorry Jim,

I did it on the original post. I’ll drop it here just in (42.2 KB)

Hi Barry!

I just adjusted the elements shown under “Fig. 1”.

Basically I created a toggle using “Continue Timeline”:
Original value > “MouseClick” > New value (with Timeline “pause”) || “MouseClick” > End of timeline (original value).

Hype Demo: (36.0 KB)

Fig. 1

JimScott you’re a legend my friend.
That has worked a treat and has helped me understand the timelines a little more.

Thanks for taking the time to show me

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