How to align a video to be center?

Hello @Daniel,

I create a project to present a product, and I embed a video of water drop, and make it auto play.

It works fine both in PC and Mobile mode when preview it, but the video will alway align to be left in mobile mode if it is put into wordpress Pages.

Please check the pages:

and attached please check the project files: (158.4 KB)

I am really do not understand why it is not align center only in MOBILE MODE, how to fix it?



I think I know the reason why the issue come from.

Usually, we create layout for pc mode, and then add layout for mobile mode, and resize all element to fix the new layout.

But, the right and top figures in placement is still from the last layout, it will show something like left: -150, so the video will out of mobile layout.

To resolve it, you have to make the layout by adding it completely as new element.