How to add Favicon for website URL


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Hi there,

Just want to add an image for the ‘favicon’ section of the url rather than have the standard graphic.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Ollie


I’m in a bit of a rush, but here’s some information…

Basically, you’d edit the Head HTML to point to a favorite icon. You’d then change the path to point to the resources folder.

This is theoretical though. I didn’t actually test it. I’m just figuring that it’s similar to what’s discussed in the “Tips” section of the documentation…

…or in the “Hype-to-Home” chapter of “A Book About Hype”.

That’s working with Apple Touch Icons, but that seems like the same process.


Please see this thread:

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Thanks for the link Daniel.

Which part of the code is added to the for the simple url favicon?

Thanks Ollie

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Thanks for the links, will take a read…