How to add an animation element after defining multiple screen formats?


I have to add an animated arrow in a new timeline but how to make anmation only once?

Indeed, if I import my arrow in all screens, it only appears in the last screen defined (ipad) and not in other screen formats.

Should we copy and paste the new timeline in all the screens and adapt it to each faith?

Et globalement, quand on doit modifier une partie de l’animation, est-ce qu’il faut le faire pour chaque format d’écran ?

Est-ce qu’il n’y a pas un écran unique ou une occurence pour gérer tous les formats d’écrans?

Layouts have their own separate elements and timelines, so the best way to copy an element and animation from one layout to another is to select the element (or elements), and select Edit > Copy. Next, go to the layout where you want it (and make sure you are viewing the timeline where you want the animated arrow) and select Edit > Paste with Animations. You may need to make a new timeline if you want it within a different timeline than the main timeline. This will copy the object and its animations into the current timeline.

You can do this with all elements if you open all groups click on the first element, then press ⌘ + a to select all elements. Then, use your Edit > Copy then Edit > Paste with animations (on your new scene) to get everything copied over.

ok thanks for this quick response !!

I understood correctly, but in this case, I will remove my screens, change a screen and recreate all screens, it will be faster than copy-paste and readjust.

Hint: You can also use symbols (containing animations) and then scale them in screens and layouts as needed

Even if it is complicated for my current animation, it is a possibility that I retain, thank you !!