How the Softkeys could be used

Does somebody know how it is possible to use the android softkeys at Hype 4 pro and the virtual iPhone Home button, which are on the bottom of each android smart phone or iPhone.

A touch on the back button at the moment is just closing the Hype 4 Website/App directly.


Are you talking about the an assistivetouch button on iOS

Also can you give more detail of what you are doing as for me at least it is not clear.?

i.e are you embedding a Hype project in an App…?

You are right. I am making an app out from Hype using phonegap build. It’s working fine. Just the android softkeys are not working. Touching the back softkey after installing the apk the app is not going back from one see to an other other scene.

After touching the back softkey it’s closing my app, what ist not fine.

What I need to do to use these android soft keys which are on the bottom of each android smartphone: Close, Home, Back

Close: This should close my app
Home: This should go the the first scene of my app
Back: This should go back


This mainly does not seem to be a Hype related issue… have you asked on any Andriod/iOS dev forums/ stackoverflow …?

Reading again, it looks like you are trying to communicate between the Hype scenes in a webview and the Andriod app/system.

Is that right.

Doing so with iOS is possible to some extent…

If the Android API allows javascript messaging between the App and a webview then you may be able to tap into that. But even if you can that may not mean you can go outside the Apps sandbox and access systems like soft keys…

Doing a quick www search shows that Android employs the javascript API that is used with iOS ( as above )

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