How scale animation to the window without active flexible size

i have make a complexe animation, i wish the height of the scene (and the animation) scaling to 100 % into the window like a single image. I have don't active the flexible size because the element of the animation move.

I try simply to copy in the header the code of this post, but it doesn't work

Thank very much for your help

This is how you can set this up:

I can’t get this to work. I have some web content showing in an iframe but it does not wrap to the width of the iframe. This same content if viewed outside Hype, does wrap to the width of the browser window (ie its fully responsive). But even with shrink to fit and zoom contents ticked, the content is unaffected by the iframe size and you need to scroll horizontally to see all of it. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? Or perhaps this method doesn’t work with external web based content in an iframe within hype?

Thanks for any help.

You may check if the iframe is set in percentage or with fixed lenght.
Also the project must be set with fluid lenght.

Thanks for your reply. I’m new to Hype coming from Edge Animate. In the inspector, Hype has both width and length (set in pixels only as far as I can tell) and below that you can set the scale in percentage, at the same time. This appears to be a percentage of the pixel dimensions rather than an independent parameter. So I can’t se how you can change the width to percentage only.

I can see a scene tab and a layout tab and neither of these appear to have any setting which includes fluid length. Where can I find that?


Hype supports scaling based on a percentage of its container and maintaining proportions. There’s no way to change the height of a Hype document based on its inner contents - if a width change makes a text field grow/shrink it will not affect the parent’s height. In general the best workaround when working with responsive/flexible layouts is to leave some padding and then change responsive layouts after it reaches a certain point. However if you’re embedding from an iframe that will have a fixed size anyways. I’d need to see your document to offer better advice.