How many timelines?


I have a question regarding how many timelines.

I have a series of 10 questions with each a yes, no, option. Every answer has a resulting timeline. These timelines are managed with JavaScript through an else-if statement. Ones progress is dependent on what you answered before. Which means that I will end up with hundreds of timelines. I never had so many before so I’m a little nervous.

At what point does Hype give up and fall over? Has anyone had hundreds of timelines in a project before?

I’m at over a hundred timelines currently.


all in one scene¿

the answer will be to split it up to scenes, symbols etc … or add some more js-logic if possible

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I haven’t read anything about timelines but 50 scenes is (I think?) suggested as max but… there has been at least one person who went way past that number. :scream:
Question is more how many people are willing to spend their time answering that many questions, and if you fear you one day wake up with a project you no longer can open and have to start over why even risk that? Just slice your project up over several projects/HTML pages or as Hans wrote, scenes. Not in the least of keeping oversight.

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Compile your project. Keep it simple and combine them later on.

I rather read true app.js files that have max 2000 lines then around 20.000 lines. If so I break em down by section and compile them afterwards when rendering the app.

You can also work like that when generated OAMs files with Hype. Inside of Hype you build per element or action. May it be a mouseOver, storyTelling.

Over 100 timelines does not give a good overview atm.

Ok, feedback time.

Can Hype deal with a lot of timelines? Yes it can. (More than a hundred.)
Can my head deal with the trouble shooting when the logic breaks without an obvious mistake? No, it can’t.

@h_classen when you suggested to break it up in symbols, etc, I could not think how, because I needed to continue the logic of the exercise across symbols. I recon necessity is truly the mother of all invention. When my head had to think about fixing my problem, or understand what you meant, it chose to understand @h_classen.