How do you "unload a symbol"?

Silly question, but how do you / when is:

A symbol unloaded? I want to ensure this, as I am switching certain looping animations off when it is unloaded so they don’t consume CPU etc.

When it is hidden, is it unloaded? And then made visible again, is it loaded? Is there some other action required to “unload it”?


There’s no master command to stop all timelines in a symbol; symbols are “unloaded” (as in the “On Symbol Unload” action handler) only on scene changes*.

Short of a scene change, the best ways to reduce overhead would be:

  • Pause unused timelines
  • Set the symbol’s containing element to display hidden

* An exception is persistent symbols, which stay alive across scene changes.

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Understood. Thanks!

@jonathan I’ve been wondering this for a while. Why does the dreaded Safari warning (something about this webpage consumes too much energy blabla…) pop-down on static Hype pages, where no timelines are actively running, (main TimeLine does something at start but then pauses) just sitting there waiting idle for user interaction? What’s Hype in the background doing that may cause this?


If all timelines are paused, Hype won’t even run a heartbeat and generally shouldn’t cause a peep.

It may depend on other content on the page. I’d recommend taking a look at the javascript profiler section of dev tools at a first start. If the traces are in Hype code feel free to send the document and I can help investigate further.