How do you handle ad validation of your HTML5 creatives?

Hi everyone. My name is Roy and I've built an ad validation tool called I'm here on this forum to seek for suggestions and discuss how creative designers like you handle the ad validation part.

I'm aware that Hype has some built-in tools to optimize parts of the creative. Now, the list of possible QA tests is long, as you can see here:

My question: what other type of things do you mainly check before sending your creative to your client?

Thanks in advance for your time and help!


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Can you specify a target ad system and do reports specifically for those? I can tell you that there's often a lot of confusion around what is needed for what ad system (especially clickTag vs enabler and stuff like that).

Hi Jonathan. It currently uses IAB guidelines by default to determine if a test passed or failed, and consequently it requires a clickTag for HTML5 ads. It's a great idea to be able to select an ad specification by ad server vendor! Thanks for thinking along :smile:

That having said, the ad specifications on are customizable and the publisher commonly configures it based on the ad system they are using, in addition to specs required by them. Creative designers can create ad specification "presets" for each of the clients they work with.

But what I'm mainly looking for are ad validation tests that are not on the list yet (as per the screenshot). How do you handle ad validation before sending the creative to your clients?

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