How do Templates work exactly?

This may be a stupid question, but it’s not clear to me how templates are supposed to be used.
The documentation says this:
“Templates are “freeze dried” Hype documents – opening a Hype template creates a new document based on the opened template. Any document can be saved as a template by choosing File > Save Template. Once created, templates cannot be edited. Thus to change a template, you’ll want to create a new document by opening that template and then save over the old template by choosing File > Save Template.”

This doesn’t seem to be the case though. If I save a file as a template and then open it again (via file - open), it behaves just like any other file (apart from the different file extension). I can still modify it, and I can still save to the same template file.

The only time it does work as advertised, is when I open the template with file - open recent, in which case a new (untitled) file is created.


I too can do this, it may be a bug. Opening a template from the ‘Open’ menu does allow you to edit a .hypetemplate file.

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Yep, just tested and I can do this.

I am so glad that I do not usually use the Open… Menu. Otherwise I may have found that out the hard way by screwing up a working template. I normally double click them, which does work as advertised.

I guess knowing this though will save me overwriting templates which I do every now and again.

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I noticed this issue when I launched Hype Pro for the first time. However, when I was using the regular version, I was unable to save the templates.

Must be a pro bug.

A Pro feature is the ability to save templates; Hype Standard can only open them.

It is a bug that the ‘File > Open…’ menu doesn’t make an untitled copy. Thanks for reporting this, it has been fixed for the upcoming 3.5.1.