How do I move several keyframe nodes at the same time?

I have an animation that I decided would look better somewhere else on the screen, When I select the graphic and nodes to move it, the keyframe nodes do not move with it. I have to move one node at a time to its new position which was very frustrating and I couldn’t find an alternative way of doing it.


you should be able to drag over the nodes to select all and then drag them. Can you elaborate on how you are selecting the “graphic” and “nodes”?

I just drag a box around what I want to select. When I do this, the image and the nodes become selected. When I move my selection, the image moves but the nodes do not.

So every node I have created needs to be moved one at a time to it’s new place on the screen.

I can’t really make sense when you use screen, nodes, and image together.

This is the screen I assume you are referring to

or this one

So, let me get this straight. You have an animation but you want to move it to another place within the scene. You cannot just pick up the image and move it because it doesn’t contain the animation information it’s is probably part of the animation.

The only way you could do this is select everything and create a symbol from selection.

This will take the animation and elements and place them in their own container. You will then be able to move this container (symbol) around wherever you want.

Thank you, the last part is what I need to do. I need to create a symbol I can move around instead.