How do I get people to sign up for a Newsletter

Could you help me to make a template for people to register for the Newsletter of our Civil Association, so that they receive information that we are doing 100% with Hype ... proto I will share with you how it is going.
It is an app for children with intellectual disabilities, such as infantile cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and autism.
Any advice and support will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.
Welcome everyone.

Hype by itself doesn’t manage email lists.

I don’t know what’s best for you. But if I wanted to add a mailing list to my website, I’d probably just use a WordPress plugin and then link to the signup form from the app. If not that, I’d probably just install open source software that’s dedicated to mailing lists.

I don’t know which one to recommend though. There are many WordPress plugins, and lots of different software, that can do this job — some free to download and others that are “freemium”.

There are also commercial websites that do this... like Mailchimp.

But eventually, I gave up on having a mailing list. The privacy issues weren’t worth the effort. Although, maybe I should rethink that. :thinking:


You probably could use a google form.

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Hype isn't the right tool for this, as email newsletter signups involve:

  • capturing form input (email addresses)

  • validating form input (e.g. rejecting input that does not include '@' character),

  • saving the form input to a database

If you're looking to create a newsletter sign-up form, then use a purpose built plugin. Most site builder software offer this. For example, here's Squarespace's version:


Hype itself does not have a ready to use form constructor or read from or write to database code.

Thats not saying this cannot be done in/via Hype. You would need to embed/write code or what ever you wanted to use, into hype.

Much of how you go forward depends on how you want to recieve the posts.
Also what are you are expecting to do with the data and where this form is going to be.

i.e you mention App but what type of App ?, is the form part of this App ?. .....,
a form that just send an email to you ? ,
a form that writes to a database on a server and you access through other means ?

You need to think about how simple you want this or how complex you intend it to be.
Then you may be able to explore your options.

As @Photics also mentions, you will likely need to think/lookup and read about gdpr (General Data Protection Regulation)
Which I cannot see being that complex for a newsletter. But you will need to think about things like being clear about the intended use of the data, Only asking for data you actually need to do the intended task, making sure it is stored safely, who has access to it, The user has a way to ask you to remove it , how long it will be stored for, Have someone to in charge of the data ( I think thats the bit that scares people)


I had a quick play with google forms.
The form has built in email validation.
You can assign them to new or existing google sheets.
The good thing about this afaik, is you should then be able to keep the data secure and safe. ( unless you share the sheet)
Also google sheets can be scripted, which means you maybe able to automate some of the mailing tasks.

You can embed into your site/hype

Here are a few screen shots of my tests. Rember this is just an example and not necessarily how you would or need to set it up ( including complying with gdpr )
Googles privacy policy may itself be a good insight into how things are done ?

Hype embedd

In Safari

Built in validation

Response notice

Assigned sheet


Nice job of sleuthing Mark!


Thank you very much with all my heart.
They are a beautiful family.