How do I find the resource in use

I have a large png file showing in my resources folder which I can’t delete because its in use somewhere but I can’t find it. Is there an easy way to find where a resource is being used?

Not an easy way in Hype unfortunately. What I would do is preview it in a browser and then look for where it is being used using the “Elements” tool in the Web Inspector of the browser. (Very often ALT-CMD-I). You can use the search (CMD-F) to look for the file name and then you’ll see which element, if any it’s being used with.

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Thanks I ended up opening the package and removing the image from the folder and re saving. Ive used the plist file to help find elements in the past but that doesn’t show their location.

Like I said. Previewing in the browser and searching for it will give you more of an idea where it is. The way you did it would get rid of the resource but you may find that you will have an element with a reference to it somewhere that may cause problems so maybe just be aware.

Ok thank you

There is an issue with Hype in which it sometimes thinks that an image is being used when it isn’t. While this is extremely rare, I encountered this around a month ago. In the end I copied everything and pasted (with animations) into a new Hype project. This sorted it out. Fortunately it was not a complex project.

I don’t know how to force a directory rebuild within Hype but it would be a nice option to have.

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