How do I do "remote control" prototype on hype?

Hi hypers,
I’m trying to prototype an experience where I control a display with a mobile device, like a remote control. Press some buttons on a mobile screen which trigger changes on a separate display screen.

Here’s what I tried, but didn’t work:

  1. A single scene with two responsive layouts: one mobile and one vertical display.

  2. The mobile layout has a single button on it that would control the movement of a circle on the vertical layout. The button triggers a timeline in the circle symbol through a custom behavior

  3. I opened the HTML file on a local server (python -m SimpleHTTPServer) on a mobile device and on a desktop.
    The button on the mobile layout did not trigger the symbol’s timeline on the vertical layout. (16.2 KB)

Any idea how to do this “remote control” behavior, even if with a totally different method? Really grateful, thanks for your thoughts!

If it’s for a specific project, where you control the hardware on both devices, you might be able to use Web Bluetooth… …browser support is lousy, but seems theoretically possible.

Another solution would be to use a web server as an intermediary. So, when the mobile device makes a change, it’s recorded on the server. Then, the Hype project updates accordingly. WebSocket might be a way to manage that…

This is theoretical though. I don’t have a need to do this stuff. :man_shrugging:t2:

Another possible solution is to build an app using the AppleTV API. An example of this is a game called War Pinball. It has the option to send the video game to the TV, via AirPlay, then the iOS device just shows controls. Again, super theoretical, but perhaps you could send a WKWebView to the TV and use Swift to build local controls.

Not only is this theoretical, this could be super difficult. Why not just use a wireless keyboard and mouse? :smile:

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Websocket sever or a service like … for pusher there is a simple example based on Hype GlobalBehavior but it can be done with Hype CommandPipeline too. All keywords you can look up on the forum.

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@Photics thanks for the thoughtful response there. Gave me some good food for thought.
To clarify this would be for user testing. We have an experience built by a 3rd party company and we are trying to improve it. Unfortunately the keyboard and mouse won’t do because they are inputing data into an ipad, storing it and then launching a display that responds to the data they entered.
So what I’m building in Hype is not meant to be production grade. Nonetheless need to explore your suggestions there, thank you again!

Very cool Max! Pusher looks pretty cool…excited to see with others have done with Hype with it. Thanks for that.