How do I create an image gallery using hype

(mikelmac) #1

I’m in the process of creating my first website using Hype. It is a portfolio and things are going fine but now I need to create image galleries. I’m sure this has been done before so I thought I would see if anyone has a method for this they would like to share. I’m under a tight deadline so it does not need to be too fancy, just a bunch of thumbnails that can be clicked on to show the images larger.


(Greg) #2

check this thread out, you can also search the forum for galleries etc.


Hi Mike

Here is a document that should give you some ideas. But, also Greg’s post above will help. (2.6 MB)


(mikelmac) #4

Thanks so much! You guys rock! I was able to get everything working so far. I’m pretty new to both Hype and Javascript but I’m getting the hang of it. When the site goes live I will post a link.

Thanks again!

(Colin) #5

Hello Mike,
Take a look at my website and let me know if my gallery style works for you

(Colin) #6

oops the link