How can we add swipe and scroll action in the same scene?

Hi everyone, I taught myself Hype Pro last week and had fun with it.

I understand that we can do the actions dragging and scrolling in “Action-On Drag” and we can achieve the effect to drag either horizontally or vertically. I am simply wondering if we could use Hype to create a scene that the viewers can swipe between different topics and scroll to read more under one topic? ( I know perhaps we could achieve this under different scenes, but I am wondering if we could do it under one scene?)

And since we could use “drag-vertically” to achieve the scrolling action, and we could jump to a scene by pushing it up in 'actions-on mouse click", I am wondering if there is a way to achieve both action by one gesture? (perhaps by jumping to the next scene the fingers should push harder?)

Thanks a lot to anyone who is willing to help me with my questions.:smiley:

You could use the “on Swipe” actions in the Scene inspector to control a timeline and then add content-overflow to scrollbars in the Metrics inspector.


P.S if viewing this on a desktop then click and drag is “swipe”

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Thank you so much DBear, I will try practicing what you said. However, I could not open the example link you sent me, probably because of my poor wifi in office. I will try it later at home. Thank you so much!