How can I make a Hype animation resize to fit into it's containing div?

I’ve got a hype animation and I want to fine-tune it’s position and size by controlling its container div. Is that a thing?

I’ve got a grip on the scene scaling options and the object flexible layout stuff, so my hype document is resizing relative to the window. But it would be a lot more helpful if I could set it to be 100% of it’s containing div and then manipulate that in my CSS without a trip back to Hype for every tweak.

if your hypedocument is responsive in height then it’ll fit in any wrapping elements height. But this height has to be absolute …

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I see options for resizing and scaling the scene, but how do I make the hype document responsive in height?

You would need to place your Hype document into an element with a height – either a fixed height in pixels, or a percentage. A regular Hype exported HTML file just sets the height at 100% if you have scaling set at 100%. But if you put this into a DIV without a set height, the Hype div will consider its available space to be 0, so your Hype document won’t appear.

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