How can I jump to another timeline when clicking outside of a rectangle?

I have this timelines based navigation and I would like to jump the menu’s main timeline when clicking outside of the black background of the submenu, please see link and click on “trabajos”, any pointers will be appreciated.


One possible way would be to have it so when the menu comes down, so does a full size rectangle opacity 50%, much like a modal box has, and use that as the click event to close which ever timeline (hypeDocument.currentTimeInTimelineNamed(timelineName) is more than 0, using javascript/jquery ?

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Something like this: (144.8 KB)

gotcha, thanks, I was looking for a way more complicated solution lol

why not use onmouseout on the menucontainer to trigger sthg when the mouse leaves it?

You can, but I assumed folk did not always like to Javascript, which is what attracts them to Hype. But you can of cause like this: (217.7 KB)

This is based on the class .menuListBox

Thanks guys will look into both solutions and let you all know, thanks for the help

@MrAddy mouseout-behaviour is built-in :slight_smile:


See, you learn something everyday :slight_smile: I did not know that lol. I love JQuery though :slight_smile:

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