How can I fold the image?


I’m new in Hype and now having a little trouble with crearting some animation - folding the image.
I have to put butterfly inside my video:

  • 1 frame - butterfly wings are open
  • 2 frame - butterfly closes (folds) its wings
  • 3 frame - butterfly opens its wings
    This action happens within 3 seconds (like 1 frame per each second).
    Can you explain, how can I do it and which tools should I use to fold this image?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi greta!

Here’s one idea… Hype project: (21.9 KB)

Demo here.

Keep an eye on the “Y Rotation” and “X Offset” settings for the “wings” in the Metric Panel.
Left “wing” shown here at the 1 second keyframe:


Thank you very much, it is exactly what i needed :slight_smile: (Y)

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