How can I create an animation along an elliptical path

(mikelmac) #1

I am trying to animate an atom with the electrons an neutrons following an elliptical path around a nucleus. I have tried to just do a normal rotation animation using center offset but I can’t see any way to turn that circular motion path into an ellipse. (As a matte of fact I am having a hard time just converting the animation path into a motion path that I can modify).
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


This is an idea for an ellipse that circles around another ellipse.

Also, you can turn on motion paths using Edit->Use Motion Paths

D (18.8 KB)

(Greg) #3

Here’s one I did a long time ago, I don’t have time right now to explain the method used (later today -maybe)… (14.1 KB)

TIP: You can use ‘Copy’ / ‘Paste with Animations’ from the ‘Edit’ menu to add more orbiters.


Well, it is possible…

Basically, I made a straight motion path, then I grabbed the motion path and curved it. The next step is to create another path to complete the elliptical shape. It’s two separate elements. One is an ellipse. The other is the atom, which has an elliptical motion path.