How can bring this Html slide into hype pro, I can't seem to figure it out

I could bring it into the software but it does not function at all! (11.0 KB)

Hi Shayan!

I got your slide show to work based on reading this thread:

In particular this post from the above thread by @strmiska:

never tried this, but i think you can paste “{resourcesFolderName}/yourFolderName/test.html". let me know, if it works. place your folder after export in"{resourcesFolderName}.hyperesources”

Demo Project: (120.9 KB)


1) I have never used this set-up before - so now You know as much as I do ;->

2) The widget will not show up in Hype’s “Animation” pane, or in Hype’s “Preview” mode. You need to export the Hype project to HTML5 to view the functional widget because of the need to manually place your “popout-slider” folder in the HTML5’s “.hyperesources” folder after the export procedure.

This is all shown in the Demo Project attached just above.

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Thank you so much Jim!!! I just Got the whole thing working!! :raised_hands:t2::ok_hand:t2:

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If this is not exactly what You are looking for play around with the “Flexible layout” settings in the “Metrics Inspector”. (123.3 KB)

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