How breaking a complex project?

I have seen that when you work with a project, often it can have several scenes that may affect the performance of the presentation. I was wondering if there are any tips on how to organize a complex project, dividing it into multiple files and merging them all together through links that connect from one block to another.
Have you ever worked on a lot of scenes?
How did you solve it?
Can the idea of dividing the project into many small projects and recalling them when necessary be a useful idea or is it a stupid one?

Hi Giovanni!

What follows is one possible idea. There are five pages with each page having many Scenes. I used the pages to group the Scenes into logical categories (i.e. the Menu items “Prologue”, “Evidence”, etc.). I also used a myriad of Symbols mainly for organizing each scene on a page into sub-scenes. There is a lot of interactivity.

All in all I had 2,000+ graphic & media elements to deal with. The goal was to “translate” to HTML5, as precisely as possible, a Flash project created in 2005 for the Institute of Human Origins founded by Don Johanson the discoverer of “Lucy”.

There is a lot more to the entire set-up but the code below outlines the concept. Please refer to Fig.1 for a visual representation when examining the code.

Basic Concept: Use one “standard” HTML page (contains the Menu bar) with an iFrame to load the Hype pages (e.g. “BH_01_Prologue.html”, “BH_02_Evidence.html”).

Fig. 1

<div id="documentaryHolder">
<img id="indicator" src="BHgraphics/indicator.png" width="9" height="9" alt=""/>
<div id="bh_MenuHolder">
  <ul id="mainMenu">
  <li id="prologue" class="liStyle"><a href="BH_01_Prologue/BH_01_Prologue.html" target="iframe_a">Prologue</a></li>
  <li id="evidence" class="liStyle"><a href="BH_02_Evidence/BH_02_Evidence.html" target="iframe_a">Evidence</a></li>
  <li id="anatomy" class="liStyle"><a href="BH_03_Anatomy/BH_03_Anatomy.html" target="iframe_a">Anatomy</a></li>
  <li id="lineages" class="liStyle"><a href="BH_04_Lineages/BH_04_Lineages.html" target="iframe_a">Lineages</a></li>
  <li id="culture" class="liStyleEnd"><a href="BH_05_Culture/BH_05_Culture.html" target="iframe_a">Culture</a></li>
  <iframe src="BH_01_Prologue/BH_01_Prologue.html" name="iframe_a" width="610" height="520" style="border:none;" scrolling="no"></iframe>
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Wow, it seems a great work!
So you have used HTML page to create a similar index that control several Hype files. It could be a good solution…thank you for sharing!

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