How about all images with SVG format in Hype?

Hello @Daniel,

I view this online tutorial video:

and I found that any images even full colorful images, can be converted or transformed to be SVG format by copying SVG code in Sketch, and then paste that code into HTML widget element in HYPE. and I found the only problem is that the reacting will be become slow in Hype.

So I am not sure whether it is a good way for Hype animation, do you recommend or suggestion us to do this way, would you please clear that? thanks a lot.


a 6.4 MB image with jpg will be 46.5MB after it converted to SVG format, is this the reason?


SVGs are great for Vectors, where you can take advantage of solid colors, pre-defined gradients, or vector-based content. Once you start requiring bitmap-embedded image data in an SVG, the SVG will get pretty large. There are of course ways to optimize the bitmap data in SVGs, but it’s easier to keep those image types separate.

So for the image types below, there should be a third top-level item that says: “Is it a vector-based image?” --> SVG.