Hover action on a symbol, where is it?

I’m trying to trigger a timeline on a symbol on mouseover, and only once.

Relative timeline helped a lot.

However, I cant seem to figure out where the hover trigger is. I put it on the symbol itself, but it still seems to only trigger on the element that animates?

Do you mean on Mouse Over or Button States? Symbols cannot have button states. A document is gonna help alot.


I may have found the problem.

My assumption was that if I set a “mouse over” event on the Symbol, that it’s area of activation is it’s Symbol viewport (the pink frame).

Looks like it triggers on MouseOver on any element inside the symbol? Which sorta sucks because I have symbols sorta crowding each other.

So the solution is to ignore all mousevents on everything inside the symbol?

A Symbol is like a scene in of itself. So any elements inside it with mouse over actions will be active. The exact same way as in a normal Scene they would be. Not sure I would say that sucks… :smile:

But as @DBear says posting an example of your project/document may give someone an idea of a different approach to your individual setup. :slight_smile:

If you set a Mouse Over on the Symbol. The "pink area" is the activation point. Not sure I'm understanding what you mean. Maybe your setup is what is causing issues.

I assumed that it was basically a viewport, but the elements will overlap other elements outside the symbol.

So if the Symbol pink box area is 200x200, but the whole symbol asset is 500x500, and that portion outside the pink box is covering another symbols activation area, it wont trigger.

So like I said, it seems I need to have all mouse events INSIDE a symbol to ignore mouse events or else they will intercept the hover.

OK. now I get ya. Yes. It seems that way. It’s the same as Grouping. Everything within the group will of course inherit the group. (example: scaling, opacity, etc…) May I suggest using another element if you want to trigger from a certain point. Like a small rectangle and then a custom behaviour perhaps to start the timeline?