Hotspots in Hype 3?

Hi all,
I’ve installed Hype today and love the timeline based animation. It is intuitive to use.
However, I couldn’t find how one could add hotspots to an element or an image? Is this possible?
If not, how can one create interaction areas in Hype 3?

Are buttons the only way?

I'm not sure what mean by "Hotspots". But you could have an element in Hype, then you could add an element that has its opacity set to zero (invisible) and use it as a clickable element.

Hi Greg,
Thanks for the reply.
By hotspots, I mean areas on the page that you specifically define as interactive areas which can be clicked or hovered upon on the webpage.
Please see this example of the Hotspot functionality in Fireworks.

This is common in most of the prototyping tools like InVision, Fireworks, Marvel etc.
So, was expecting if there is one in Hype as well. But, I will try your solution of having a button of the desired size over an area and setting it opacity to zero.

Thanks again.

It doesn’t have to be a button, it can be any type of element. Then you can use any of the options in the “Action” Inspector such as “On Mouse Over” etc.

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Greg is correct. You can add On Mouse Click, Mouse Over, etc actions to any element by going to Actions inspector. See this section of the documentation for more information about adding interactivity with actions: