[Hotkeys] Suggestion: Pressing "Spacebar" in timeline while dragging mouse should pan the timeline

Just like in After Effects, pressing Spacebar and dragging the mouse while the focus is inside the Timeline panel, it should pan the timeline.

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Even if not necessarily spacebar (since that’s used for Play like in most programs) but some kind of hotkeys for scrolling and zooming the timeline. I posted earlier about the timeline not zooming from the current time and how frustrating that is when it pushes away what you’re working on. Scroll wheel/swipe doesn’t zoom as I would expect either. Hotkeys for zooming the timeline are conspicuously absent.

Thanks for the suggestion!

"Cmd-Opt =" and "Cmd-Opt -" are keyboard short cuts or were You referring to hitting just one key?

If so You can change the keyboard short cut for zoom in & out to a function key in the Mac System "Preferences" > "Keyboard". At this time I'm not aware of Hype using function keys for a particular command - but still You would want to be diligent in your selection as this situation could change. "F15" & "F16" would probably be safe choices.

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