Hosted Hype Animation not showing updated version when browser refreshed

I’ve created a hype animated presentation, uploaded it to my hosting space and viewed - all well. However, when I amend the presentation in Hype, re-export the HTML and (replacing the files on the server with an FTP app) view again I still see the old site despite refreshing the browser. Happens on iPad, Safari and Internet Explorer amongst others.

Any ideas?

Can you share the link? This might be due to the cache timeout for your files. You can read about ways to resolve this here.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the swift reply. Here’s the link:

I’ll have a read of the page you mentioned too

Many thanks,


I’ve tried the .htaccess file and the presentation would no longer display at all. Removed it and it plays again (although still the old version).


remove the manifestfile and settings within the head

Sorry, how do I do that?

disable offline-programmcache within hype. reexport. delete old files on server. upload new files.
… and you should be there (try adding a ? at the end of your url when loading first time)

get info for cache-manifest in the worldwideweb if you wan’t to use it … :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your input, really appreciate it. I’ll give that a try and report back.

I turned offline cache on since they’ll be using this on an iPad away from wifi to present it. I guess for the sake of proofing I’ll leave it off until the final version then?