Horizontal slider…I am stumped


I created this simple slider to shift layers of an image.
Used 3 different timelines
Timeline actions set the circle slider button to the center as a good UI setting.
When you slide to the left or right the art moves the way it should.

My problem:
When I touch or click the circle in any slider it jumps to the far left which makes sense because 0:00:00 on each timeline represents the far left shift of the button and object.
However, I was hoping to avoid that jump and just be able to touch the slider and it would move left or right naturally and not with the jump.

I have seen some javascript add-ons for sliders in the forum but I keep thinking that this could be accomplished right in Hype with Hype timeline actions.

Any insight on this is greatly appreciated.


shiftmaster_controls.hype.zip (172.0 KB)

On scene load, set the time of each timeline to 00:00:15

shiftmaster_controls.hype.zip (169.7 KB)


Thank you!!
I knew I needed a sanity check…Sometimes it is best to step away and ask for help :smile:

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I did it JS first, as I was unaware it was in the dropdown list to pick. I know the feeling well :smile:

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