History Project created in Hype

Hi folks,
I’ve just finished up a history project, the first I’ve created with Hype. This year marked the anniversary of the 1916 Rising in Ireland. Having a close connection to one of the prominent figures, I wanted to work on a project dedicated to such an important event of Irish history. There was a pretty big learning curve for me on this. I’ve been through the forums a lot, looking at peoples examples and making use of the generosity displayed. I’d really like to thank John Purdy for his help with creating elements that were beyond my skill set. I can’t recommend him enough if anybody is looking for someone reliable to work with. His efforts lifted the final project. I’d be happy if anyone in the community would like to take a look: http://www.todaybackthen.com


wow! well done

Good job! didactic, dynamic and creative I like

That is a really nice site!
Love the transitions and the overall navigation.
Great Job!!

Looks good.

On Mac in Safari I can’t scroll the page???

Great job Danny!

Note: In contrast to Steve~ @classic12 I can scroll the page… Mac~Safari.

Very cool, Danny! Excellent work.


Thanks to this forum I see a lot of nice works like this and I’m admittedly hard to impress :slight_smile:
…however this was definitely impressive!

Added on top of the web gallery in HypeDocks :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to look everyone. There is some great quality projects on the HypeDocks web gallery, thanks for adding me michelangelo. I would like remove some bugs, add music and fx and make it display like a native app on iPad and such. I’ve not the skills to do that yet but hopefully soon!

Thanks for the shout out, @dannyC. Your illustration work is outstanding and I really enjoyed helping out with this.

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Oh, crap. Now I have to redesign all my stuff to look as good as yours. I definitely hate you.

Eh… thank you??!