Highlight and click objects

(Argiro) #1


I am new to Hype and I downloaded as I was amazed by the functionality. I am an instructional designer for eLearning and I was looking at an interactive map NASA created with Hype:


I was able to do something similar for my own projects but I cannot figure out how to highlight when I hover over objects like on the map above.
I am no expert on Javascript or coding basically I know nothing about it.

Is there anyone that has an idea how to achieve this? Your help would be much appreciated.


(Warren Adams-Ockrassa) #2

When you create a button element in Hype, it appears on the stage with three state options - normal, hover, and clicked.

You can choose from among those options and, in the element inspector, pick different styles for the button, including changing its fill color, its type … and its background image.

So that’s how I’d probably approach this. Start with three separate images, one meant for ‘normal’ display, one for hovering, one for clicked. Then set those as the images in the button element in Hype.

(Greg) #3

Using images for button backgrounds is a bit buggy.

(Argiro) #4

Thanks guys, I’ll give it a try