Hide / Show outside of stage region

It would be nice to watch the preview WITHIN Hype without seeing elements that are not on the stage. Like an Indesign ‘w’ shortcut.

I am aware you can do a browser preview and see this, but thought it would be nice within Hype too, as sometimes your animations dont loop in browser, but you want to watch them looping in hype to check how they look.



Thanks for the suggestion!

Good suggestion. Two thoughts:

First, this can be done as a workaround by encapsulating the animation in a group that is sized to the stage. Visibility of overflow can be turned on and off via the inspector.

Second, another feature request has been that of preventing the view to be centered on a selected object / forced focus on center stage, without which the stage can be thrown around the screen. Until this is implemented, the visibility feature could lead to some confusion.

Note that you can hit the “loop” button (next to record) when testing within Hype. (This doesn’t in any way invalidate the suggestion - I’ve often wondered if there’s value in the full preview within Hype).