Hidden static content


I wonder which is the best solution to see the dynamic content on the first loading of the scene.
Now first of all I see the static content then it changes with the dynamic one.
This is not a pretty sight.



I’m not sure what you are referring to without context but I can guess.

If you click the “eye” symbol next to whatever content you DON’T want to display. Then it won’t show when you load the scene. However in order to see anything you must have an action that changes the style display property to something other than “none” when you want to see the content.

Another approach is to move the content out of the viewing area and bring it in when you want to see it.

I can’t really help much more unless I see what it is you’re trying to achieve.



I try to explain better. :smile:
When I load a scene I call a javascript function to fill my content with php,
but first it is visible my static content and after few seconds it is visible the dinamic one.
All is ok. It’s change but I don’t like this effect.
I would like to fill the content before loading the scene.

Thanks again!


What element are you using to display the static / dynamic content?

I’m thinking you could change the style.display property as suggested above in your javascript function. Can you share your document?



This is a simple example of my project (with jquery)

Archivio.zip (313.8 KB)

On loading scene “image” I call loadNew() to change my background but first of all I see the red background and after the black one.

Ok here it’s very fast, but It does not always go so well…




$('#img0').css('display', 'inline');
$('#img0').css('background-image', 'url(' + imageUrl0 + ')');

and in your document click on the symbol next to the “Rectangollo 2” element so that the element is hidden in the beginning.