Hidden defaults commands

Great! Any other hidden gems? :upside_down_face:

I imagine if you search the forums for “defaults write” you’ll find a few others :slight_smile:. Just note:

  • They aren’t officially supported and subject to change in future releases (or subject to become features in future releases!)
  • You may need to change the bundle identifier in the command to com.tumult.Hype4 since a lot probably reference the older com.tumult.Hype2 or beta bundle ids.
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Checkout Hype Cookbook. It has a list of nearly all of them:

Here are the deeplinks to the pages


Aside from ShowTitlebarBuildInformationButton, everything else in this file has UI in the General Preferences. Well, technically SUEnableAutomaticChecks doesn’t have UI on the Mac App Store, but it does nothing there.

But this is a pretty good list! :slight_smile:

I removed the mention of that command. So, if you edit your post it will be gone from the forum.

Thanks, still looking for more commands. Every mention is snatched up. Some of them taken from the NIB files.

There’s two I see in the forums that are not on your list :wink:.

But just to elaborate on these and why they are hidden - the causes are usually:

  • A change in behavior in the app where we think it won’t cause problems but add a way to get back to old behavior just in case
  • There was a feature we added but then before shipping realized should probably be implemented in a different way, and the setting won’t be compatible in the future
  • A workaround for specific bugs (usually OS level)
  • Something for development/debugging purposes

So there’s not really a treasure trove of hidden functionality, and some of the switches have significant downsides.

I can only think of one particular time where there is an intentional and public default we encourage using, and that is enableExportScriptDebugLogging for export script development.

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