Helps to start after a preset time

Hi I need your help, I do not speak English so I’m using a translator for this, sorry if there is already a topic about this but not what I found, my question is the following I want to make an animation that at the start show a menu with boot time, for example, that the animation start after 5 seconds, to 10 and 15, the user chooses the time and starts the animation after that time, as what I have that scene tripled and each leaves to spend those seconds on the timeline and each scene with these seconds is linked to your start button, what I want to know is how I can fix this with a code and instead of having 3 scenes just have one and with code it solves the time, thanks

It depends a bit on how you want a user to interact. If they are just set specific times, with a button for each (say you had “5 second”, “10 second”, and “15 second” buttons) then you could actually do this by adding pause timeline timeline actions on your main timeline, and have those buttons trigger alternate timelines that have a timeline action to continue the main timeline after the set amount of time.

If you need more programatic control, you’d still probably have a pause timeline action. But then for the code, it would look something like:

var delaySeconds = 5; // this probably comes from somewhere else
window.setTimeout((function () {
    hypeDocument.continueTimelineNamed("Main Timeline");
}), delaySeconds * 1000); // milliseconds

This would simply introduce a 5 second delay before continuing the main timeline.

ok tanks

I hope you can help me a little more with this, this is my menu there is an option to upload an avatar and next comes the option to choose the start time of the animation here would just save that parameter and load it once you press the next button, in my next scene I have the keyframes of each boot corresponding to the, it’s like creating that function in which each keyframe is like an id and in the menu when pressing the duration only identify the ID that the user selected and when pressing next load the scene from that ID key frame

this is my menu

an this is my timeline of the next scene

What is the purpose of the delay and goal of the project? It might be useful to see a video of your interaction and what this document is actually about.

The javascript solution is definitely going to be conceptually the simplest, even if it requires code.