Help with single-page, vertically centred, responsive framework


To begin with, I am a new Hype user with virtually no experience. At the same time I’m very inexperienced with CSS. So I’m virtually useless - however this is my goal - and I sincerely hope somebody with more experience can help me :slight_smile:

The Goal:

I’d like to make a simple website, which is not scrollable, and responsive on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. The idea that each scene is simply a full-screen advertisement which “just works” on all devices.

My issue: how do I create a responsive layout that vertically and horizontally centers on all platforms, while at the same time automatically resizes to the maximum size possible without changing the aspect ratio of the original content (for each responsive layout.) I have no problem creating portrait and landscape versions of each scene.

What is the best way to approach this? (I suspect I probably need a HTML / CSS wrapper of some sort?)

Thanks very much in advance!

p.s. I apologies - I have found the answer in the “Flexible layout” section of the documentation.