Help with my first project

Hi everyone!

Been thinking for a while what my first project should be and finally decided.
I want to recreate the Converter of Google for different scenarios(mass, energy, length etc) Like this1

I was able to create the UI and everything but after I started to write the code I thought its right faced to a problem that I didn’t know what will be the logic…

Far as I understand there needs to be 5 event handlers for the options above, both input/output and their options under.

The question is how should I approach the layout of the code?

This free template might help you…

It’s not an exact match, but it’s close. Lots of the basic principles are there. When a value is changed in one element, a result is shown in another element.

Seems like you’ll need a JavaScript “input” event listener. Then, when the value is changed, Javascript code can be run.