Help with flexible layout that scrolls

My hype doc is 990 x 3822 and is made up of groups and symbols.
I tried grouping the entire page contents but when I set the group to expand to fill and zoom contents, the page doesn't scroll.
If I set to shrink to fit, all hidden areas are visible also
What is the best way to have this entire page respond to scaling?

You won't need to check the vertical scaling arrow in Flexible Layout settings or check the 'height' checkbox in the Scene Inspector since you only want to adjust the the width of the available space. So make sure only the 'width' checkbox is checked in the Scene inspector and see if that fixes things up for you. I'm assuming these flexible layout options are set on a single parent group which contains all elements.

Thanks Daniel. So am I right in saying that allows expansion above the scene width of 990px but not scaling down. Im assuming I then need to create a 990px breakpoint and a new layout for smaller devices? How many layouts do I need? Cheers Michael

This is really up to you and the devices you want to support -- a width of 480 in addition to the one you have might be enough. Just test font sizes on those smaller devices to make sure it's something you're comfortable with.

Here's one approach to layouts that might be helpful by @michelangelo: How many layouts do i need to make? - #7 by michelangelo

If you have pinning on the left, top, and right, and scaling (on the width dimension) it will scale up and down with your device's width.