Help with Ad Specification

Hi there!
Long time on the forum, but first time posting.
I would be very happy if someone could guide me through this Ad Specification I got for a couple banner Im making for a client.

From this Ad Specification: there are three requirements:

  • preamble script
  • clicktag definition
  • manifest.json

What I have done to insert those:
Preamble script: Put it in the head section

Clicktag: made a rectangle over the whole arena, with a “On Mouse Click” that points to a java-function with this code:

   html5.ready(function() {
        document.getElementById("click-me").onclick = function() {
, "_blank");

and set the “Unique Element ID” for that rectangle to “click-me”

Manifest.json: made that file outside of Hype and included it in the directory:
“width”: 160,
“height”: 600,
“source”: “index.html”,
“clicktags”: {
“clickTAG”: “the url to where it should go”

And then tried two ways of exporting that banner:

  • Once with the “Organised assets” plugin
  • Once with the default “cmd + shift + e” and renamed the html-file to index.html

But no luck with both of them. The system where the banner is uploaded says there are no clickTAG in the banner. What am I doing wrong?

Here are the files if that helps:
Hype file and the exported banner:


within the click-function you register an eventlistener for a click-event.

so instead binding this function onclick of the rectangle try loading it at sceneload …

or just reduce the code to this line:, "_blank");

The banner validation system might not be seeing the function you placed in a Hype JS function – try placing that in the <head> area so that it is present in the exported HTML.

Then, create a simple function, "_blank");

As Hans mentioned as your ‘Mouse Click’ action.